Corrective Color

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Looking for a color correction hair salon in Southington CT?

Sometimes hair color doesn’t come out the way you were hoping. A color correction service is when the stylist needs to correct the undesired results of a previous color service, whether it was done at home or at a different salon. Create Beauty Lounge is here to fix your hair color!

For corrective color services, we will need to schedule an initial consultation. This first consultation is when the stylist will look at your hair, ask what was used on it, talk with you about your desired look, and then come up with a plan to correct the color and achieve your desired result. Next, we will schedule an appointment for the actual color correction services. When you come to our color correction hair salon in Southington CT, you’re in great hands!

Please Note:
Booking and pricing will vary for color correction, as it depends on what needs to be done in order to correct the hair color.