Root Touch-Up

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Fill your roots in with a root-touch up in Southington CT.

A root touch up is done to cover up the hair that has grown out from your roots. Root touch-ups are also great for people who want to cover their grey “sparkles” as they start to show again! 

When you come to Create Beauty Salon for a root touch-up, we will start with a quick consultation to review the process and confirm the color we will be using. Your stylist will color match your hair to pick the best color, and then the color will be applied to just your roots. Once the color has settled, your stylist will wash it out and apply a glaze. The glaze will tone, shine, and condition your hair while also blending the roots with the rest of your hair color. Even if we didn’t do your initial full color, we’d love to do your root touch-ups at our salon in Southington CT!

Pre-Booking: We recommend pre-booking for your next root touch up appointment!
4-6 weeks if you have sparkles!
6-8 weeks if you don’t have sparkles!