Create your desired ombré hair color at Create Beauty Lounge in Southington CT!

The word “ombré” is French for “shaded or graduated in tone.” Ombré hair is when the roots are darker and gradually get lighter from the middle of your hair to the ends of the hair. The typical ombré technique lightens all of the hair at the bottom down to the ends. An ombré is a slightly more dramatic look than a balayage.

To achieve ombré hair, your Southington CT hair stylist will start with a consultation to determine the colors that will be used. The hair will be lightened and it will need to stay on to process before washing it out. Once your stylist washes the color out, a glaze will be added to tone the hair. Your stylist will then dry your hair and show you the final look!

Pre-Booking: We recommend pre-booking to touch up your ombré every 6-10 weeks.